Friday, April 3, 2009

USB Pen drive or Hard disk does not open with double click

If you have some trouble with your USB device and your USB Pen drive or Hard disk does not open with double click, it means that it is infected with some virus or it was infected with some virus but the autorun.inf is still in the home directory of your USB device.

The main culprit is autorun.inf and  .exe file in your home directory of USB device.

In this blog I will explain you the process to remove it without having antivirus in your PC.

Method 1: Format
  • Format your Pen Drive if you have less data
  • Right click and then format

Method 2: With windows command prompt
If you have windows as operating system
  • Boot the system in safe mode (You can try in normal mode also)
  • Open the command prompt and then go to the respective directory of your Pendrive or USB device.
  • Use this command at command prompt "type autorun.inf"
  • and find something with extension .exe inside the autorun.inf
  • lets see you find "attack.exe"
  • Use "del /A:R autorun.inf" and "del /A:R attack.exe"
  • Try using "del /A:H" or "del /A:S" if the above command does not delete.
  • Now the virus is removed.

Method 3: With Linux
  • If you have linux (fedora, ubuntu or suse) system
  • just insert your USB device.
  • You will see autorun.inf
  • Open the autroun.inf and find something with extension .exe inside the file
  • Now remove both "*.exe" and "autorun.inf" files from your pen drive or USB device.
  • Now you are free from virus.

If you are using antivirus, then exe file is removed by the virus but autorun.inf remains there, you can follow the same steps to remove autorun.inf

Please backup your all data before trying this. Use these commands only at the respective USD drive letter. Do not try on C:/ or D:/ Drive of your PC.

Leave a comment if you have some problem, I will be happy to help you.


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